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“RWANDA COOPERATIVE AGENCY” « RCA » is a Public Institution in charge of Promotion, Registration and Regulation of Cooperatives in the Country.

On behalf of Rwanda Cooperative Agency (RCA), we welcome you to the RCA website and hope that you will enjoy and find useful the information given out.

The mission of RCA is to highlight the importance of Cooperatives in the National economic development. In a large manner a policy document and a strategic plan have been designed to orient all actors who should ensure that Cooperatives become a viable tool for socio – economic development in Rwanda.

Indeed, the Government of Rwanda views Cooperatives as a potential vehicle through which the Cooperatives members could create employment and expand access to income-generating activities, develop their business potential, including entrepreneurial and managerial ca¬pacities through education and training; increase savings and investment, and improve social well-being with special emphasis on gender equality, housing, education, health care and community development.
Once you will visit our website, you will read about the noteworthy work done by our different Departments as well as Cooperatives activities report and we hope that they will provide to you useful information.
Moreover, we will be happy if you get inspired to be our Partner/Stakeholder for the development of the national Cooperative movement through which we strive to achieve our Rwanda Vision-2020.
Should be any further information needed, do not hesitate to contact us or send us your suggestions.

I thank you!


Director General

Rwanda Cooperative Agency

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